19-year-old U.S. city councilor was hospitalized after being infected with the new crown: once strongly opposed to wearing a mask and refusing to get vaccinated


Overseas Network, September 17th. Recently, a 19-year-old city councilman from Alabama, USA, was diagnosed with the new crown and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Prior to this, the city councillor had strongly opposed the practice of wearing masks and vaccinations.

According to reports from the New York Daily News and the Daily Beast website on the 16th, 19-year-old Decatur City Councilman Hunter Pepper had insisted that he would “fight to the end” the rule of wearing a mask, and he was recently diagnosed with infection. New crown virus. Pepper underwent 3 nucleic acid tests after feeling unwell on the 13th, and finally diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. He mentioned on social media on the 16th that he "still feels short of breath" and said that the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia is "too terrible."

US media pointed out that Pepper often opposes policies related to the epidemic, both criticizing the regulations on wearing masks and refusing to receive the new crown vaccine, and claimed that "we should not be forced to do the wrong thing. The government has excessively interfered with our choices." Perkin’s diagnosis also caused some people to worry about whether he had infected others on the city council this week. Congressman McMaster, who was sitting next to Pepper at the meeting, said that he had no symptoms and mentioned that "I have been vaccinated and I am now fully complying with the requirements of the CDC."

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 41% of eligible people in Morgan County, where Pepper is located, have been vaccinated. The state of Alabama where it is located has seen a large number of new cases this summer under the influence of the delta mutant strain, and the number of confirmed cases in August has reached the largest increase.