U.S. new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to worsen, school masks make it difficult to implement children's cases


The new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States continues to worsen. The cumulative number of confirmed cases this year has exceeded that of last year, and the number of deaths exceeded the 650,000 mark on September 7 local time. This round of outbreak coincides with the start of the fall school season, causing the number of confirmed cases of children to continue to rise. At the same time, the management, parents, and students of schools across the United States are still arguing over the school mask order.

In the recent deteriorating epidemic, the number of confirmed child cases in the total number of cases has continued to increase, and it has become the biggest victim. The sharp increase in the number of child cases is related to the difficulty of implementing the US school mask order.

On the 7th local time, the board of directors of the Union District School District in North Carolina made a decision after voting to maintain the decision not to force students to wear masks. This decision immediately aroused dissatisfaction among students’ parents, believing that the school was disregarding the safety of students, which would lead to more infections. , And parents’ concerns are not unreasonable. It is reported that the school district is currently in serious danger of the epidemic. More than 5,000 students are in quarantine, accounting for one-eighth of the total number of students. At the same time that the school's board of directors voted, two waves of protesters "supporting masks" and "opposing masks" gathered outside the office building where they were located. The scene was full of gunpowder at one time, and the local police had to use the yellow cordon to divide the venue for the personnel of both sides to avoid the occurrence of conflict.

In fact, the majority of American parents support the mask order. According to the survey data released by USA Today on the 7th, 65% of parents support the school's requirement that all students, faculty and staff wear masks. In addition, only about half of the parents believe that the school has done a good job in protecting the safety of students. This percentage has dropped by 15% compared to May.