IR Digital Thermometer Forehead
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IR Digital Thermometer Forehead

The Meiyunsheng® is a professional manufactures of IR Digital Thermometer Forehead. Our professional expertise in manufacturing IR Digital Thermometer Forehead has been honed over the past 10+ years. This IR digital thermometer forehead is designed for measuring the temperature of human body especial forehead without contacting for infants/adults, and it can keep the record of temperatures as well.

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Product Description

Meiyunsheng is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces IR digital thermometer forehead with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you.

1.Description of IR Digital Thermometer Forehead

This brand new Body Non contact IR thermometer forehead

is specially designed for taking body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. It can record body surface and forehead temperature for infant / adult without contacting to human body

The Meiyunsheng® IR Digital Thermometer Forehead Features: 

1, Precise non-contact measurements: Hygiene free and recycle usage 

2, Built-in laser pointer 

3, User selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit 

4, Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1 

5, Data Hold & Auto power off 

6, Set Alarm value - threshold default value is 36.5 (97.7 ) 

7, Selection for buzze 

8, Selection for body or ambient tempeature 

9,Three color Backlight LCD Display 

10, Memorization of last 32 measurements

11,C or F free transform

12,Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1 Celsius (0.1  Fahrenheit )

13,Automatic Data Hold & Auto Power off

14,Set Alarm value (the alarm threshold default value is 38 Celsius (100.4  Fahrenheit )

15,Convenient for household Infrared Thermometer

Laser Thermometer Technic data:



Measuremenr method 

Non -contract Infrared Thermometer

Effictive distance



Human body 32.0-42.9 Celsius

Object 0-100 Celsius 


Human boby ±0.2 Celsius /0.4 Fahrenheit 

Object ±1.0 Celsius /1.8 Fahrenheit 


0.1 Celsius /0.1 Fahrenheit 

Working condition 

10-40 Celsius RH≤80%

Storage condition

-25-55 Celsius RH≤90%

Power supply

d.c.3V2AA alkaline battery

Power consumption 

When off≤10uW

Power level indicator

Indication for low power level


32 sets reading recall


LCD back-lit display

Reading scale

Celsius or fahrenheit Infrared Thermometer

Automatic shut off

In 10 seconds 



Net weight


The Meiyunsheng® IR Digital Thermometer Forehead Show: 

Are you still measuring the bady

in this way?

The results are too slow and time-consuming.

Go back and go, read a lot of trouble

The vitreous body is fragile, and it will be caused by carelessness.

Refusing a hidden danger A good product,it's up to you to make it

The body surface temperature and the body temperature are not in the contrast range Generally speaking, the temperature is low in the morning and the temperature is high in the evening.

Normal body temperature is unique to everyone, ranging from 34.7

to 38 degrees, depending on the location of the temperature.

The following is a reference from the World Health Organization:

Tricolor backlight High temperature warning The tri color backlight is not just a fever reminder, even at night.      

High temperature alarm

When the temperature is lower than 38 degrees after the measurement is

completed, the thermometer will give a "drop", and the screen will turn

green or yellow light.

When the temperature is higher than 38 degrees after the measurement is

completed, the ear thermometer will produce ten short "drops" and the red

light will appear on the screen.

Multipurpose / not more than one body temperature  Double mode temperature measurement, switchthe body temperature / material temperature with the   heart. 

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